Orange X Toykyo

illustration, graphic design, campaigns

'The largest wrapping paper'


Wrapping paper design as a collaboration with Orange commissioned by Publicis Brussels.
Orange decorated the Antwerp Tower with Belgium’s biggest roll of wrapping paper as part of their festive end-of-year stunt.
The roll stretched 100 metres long, 6.5 metres across and reaches from the top floor of the 25 story building all the way to the ground where Orange opened a pop-up store. Christmas shoppers visiting the store could have their Christmas presents wrapped in the waterproof paper without charge. The presents were finished off with fresh Toykyo x Orange stickers.

Not only did Orange provide a 100 metre roll of wrapping paper, but the mobile giant also covered an entire side of the building in banners to create one huge billboard advertising the brand.
Toykyo's challenge was to create topical, eye catching and engaging design that captured the Orange spirit while remaining true to our own identity.