illustration, identity, campaigns

 Edpnet is a worldwide independent telecom provider with over 10 years of experience.

As opposed to some of their bigger competitors, Edpnet excels in customer service. They focus on clear communication and high quality products, all combined in one package they call 'Common Sense Internet'.


Toykyo was commissioned by The Reference, a full service agency, to refresh the company's visual identity and image.

We handled everything from the redesign of the logo to the look and feel of the website. Having studied the company's philosophy, we developed a bold and clear visual language to represent the concept of Common Sense Internet. The identity update was accompanied by a big media campaign. This campaign was split into two waves. The first wave of ads encouraged customers to vent their frustration (built up frustration from not being helped by other providers). The second wave highlighted Edpnet's strengths through clever illustrations and copy.