DUVEL by Sergio Herman

illustration, graphic design

Gift pack designed for the exclusive collaboration between Duvel and Dutch Michelin Star Chef, Sergio Herman.

Duvel launched a smaller 18cl bottle especially for apero and gastronomique moments.

As a long time Duvel fan, Sergio Herman and his team developed several signature dishes that paired perfectly with the champagne of Belgian beers to serve in his restaurants. The Duvel Mini bottles served at Sergio's restaurants, Pure C and The Jane, are exclusively designed by TOYKYO in collaboration with the creative chefs. In order to offer the fans of haute cuisine the opportunity to live the same experience at home, a gift pack was developed featuring 2 Duvel Mini bottles and 2 special tasting glasses.


Thick cardboard adds a bit of grittiness, along with simple line drawings of skulls, a sunset, and ocean waves. Both beer bottles and the glasses have their own designated space inside, keeping them protected and adding to the presentation quality. The drawings keep the look simple, while also mixing in a bit of mystery, making the experience of opening it and enjoying the beer more exciting and unusual.


The graphic of the ‘The Jane’ bottle refers to the chapel in which the restaurant is established while ensuring duality: a church on a devilish bottle. Unlike The Jane located in the heart of Antwerp, visitors at Pure C have an endless view of the coastline of Cadzand. The deceptively simple graphic captures this idyllic backdrop; the surf, the setting and rising of the sun and the North Sea, all summed up in a bottle.